• When complete, you will have an end-to-end mutual TLS deployment. Thank you! python amazon-web-services aws - cli amazon-athena okta. As both AWS and Okta continues to grow, it's easy to imagine that the lines between the two will continue to blur further. So, thanks to this back-channel from SSM Agent to SSM API, we can ask the SSM API to do lots.
  • It's kinda difficult to tell what code was running that failed but I'm thinking this could be accomplished in two steps... first list all VPCs then list all the subnets in each VPC. Something like this: import boto3 session = boto3.Session(region_name='us-east-1') ec2_resource = session.resource("ec2") ec2_client = session.client("ec2") subnet_ids = [] for vpc in
  • The AWS CLI stores sensitive credential information that you specify with aws configure in a local file named credentials, in a folder named . aws in your home directory. ... Currently you can create 200 subnets per VPC. If you would like to create more, please submit a case at the support center.
  • Creating a virtual private cloud (VPC) is a great way to keep your AWS resources isolated from the rest of the world. I created a VPC and two subnets in this project using AWS CLI. The subnets consisted of both a public subnet and a private subnet. I created an internet gateway and attached it to the VPC.
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